<aside> 💡 Note: As we’re only at our beta release state, it’s very early days for DeepCast, so this is intentionally a high-substance, low-design “About Us” page. However, it is critical to get this document with our public alpha release so we can share the “What” and “Why” of DeepCast as we unveil it—warts and all—to the world. Thanks for bearing with us!


Quick addition: “How DeepCast works” demo video (Late April)


Our vision 🌟

We have a pretty straightforward yet very ambitious vision for DeepCast:

Imagine a world where all the world's audio is searchable with natural language and connected in many logical fashions, digestible in your preferred language or form factor, with key insights and meaningful excerpts immediately at your fingertips (or eyes/ears as it may be), and easily shareable across networks and modalities. Imagine the impact on the flow of information, the pace of new knowledge discovery, and the possibility of intentional as well as accidental exploration of ideas.

Humanity is a species built on stories, on narrative. We gathered around fires for thousands of years to tell tales and share facts to shape our cultures as people, to improve our chance for survival, and to inform as well as amuse ourselves. Later we had “priests” translating these stories to written form for distribution over greater distances and with more permanence. The literate elites created sophisticated physical distribution systems for moving around messaging with runners, horsemen, pigeons and more. Then along came the Gutenberg press and Martin Luther with the history of distribution of cheaply produced literature in local languages that followed, which in turn enabled more spoken worked conversations and advocacy based on the corpus of written word. A virtuous cycle where audio in the form of spoken word led to text via handwritten word to the mass-produced printed, multilingual word and, in turn, ever larger audiences of people discussing, debating, embracing, and sharing those ideas at an ever greater scale. The subsequent generation of ideas in the era of enlightenment was exponential, and the progress of humanity followed across many views and definitions of “success”.

We got where we are through spoken word, and in turn that spoken word being reproduced in textual fashion—and later in graphic, photographic and video fashion—enabling a rapid and wide-scale distribution of ideas.

We see DeepCast as part of the next evolution of information distribution and facilitation of meaningful conversation.


We hold these truths to be self-evident 📜

We believe in the following truths:

  1. The most intriguing and intellectually stimulating discourse happening today is in the context of podcasts.
  2. Podcasters want their shows to be discoverable by audiences that will find significant value in their content.
  3. Podcasters also want a way to engage with their audience to create a deeper connection with their listeners, foster more community, and additional means to make their content more engaging and accessible for their listeners. Podcasters want their audiences to become fans and part of a community.
  4. Podcast listeners want to discover shows related to their interests and those of their network, and to also be delighted with recommendations for new material they might not have otherwise actively sought out. Listeners want this discovery process to be easy, frictionless, and ever-improving.
  5. Podcast listeners also want to shape their identity, share informative ideas, and create community with others via podcasts they love.

Our origin story 🌱